Friday, 8 December 2017

Howick Historical Village Scool Trip

Howick Historical Visit Recounts

                       The Amazing Howick Historical Village
On Wednesday, the 1st of November I woke up bright and early ready for the school trip the year 2 classes were going on. We were learning about technology. The place that we were going was the Howick Historical Village.
When I got to school we had to put our lunch in a big blue box. When it was time to go we zoomed excitedly down the path. When we got to the bus stop we had to wait for the bus. When the bus was there we quickly jumped in the bus and road to the Howick Historical Village.
When I got there the lady welcomed us with a warm smile. First, we had a lovely morning tea. After that, my group went to the school, the teacher was very strict.
Next, we went to do the washing. There were three tubs to wash in.
After the washing my group went to make butter. When we were pounding the butter Mrs White said a little rhyme that sounded like this, ‘Come butter, come. Come butter, come.’
Lastly, we ‘Unpacked the Trunk’. After we did that we had lunch. My favourite part was the school lesson.
By Kiera

On Wednesday, the first of November Room 22 blasted with excitement because we were going to the amazing Howick Historical Village. We leapt on the bus and zoomed to the village and it didn’t take that long.
 First, we visited the extremely old school, it was like going back in time! The teacher was Mrs White. The boys don’t wear hats inside. I don’t know why? We wrote on a black slate and the abacus was very big! It was almost taller than the teacher!
After that, we did the wash day activity. The lady was called Mrs Kendal. We picked yucky clothes and grabbed a wash board and soap we rubbed the soap on the board and then we fetched a dolly. It spins and cleans the clothes. After that, we made butter. All you need is cream.
Next, we sorted out the groups and then we explored around the Howick Historical Village. Then we went in the bus and zoomed back to school. I love, love the Howick Historical Village!! I love TRIPS!
By Matthew

Going Back In Time
On the first of November year two’s scurried off to their rooms to organise their food, drinks, hats and themselves. Then we all bounced to the zooming bus in our groups. The bus went BUMP, BUMP, BUMP.  Eeeeeek went the brakes. Where were we?  Soon I saw a sign that said, “Howick Historical Village.” First of all, we had morning tea and a little play.
Then Mrs White, Mrs Hill and Mrs Kendall came to talk to us about what it was like in the olden days.
First, we went into a rich red cottage with Mrs White and room 24 students to make butter.
Next, Mrs Hill took us to a creamy coloured cottage with a statue of a horse and cart. Soon Mrs Hill took us all inside …  but she told us to wipe our feet and that ladies went inside first!! We learnt about ‘Unpacking the Trunk’.
Later, she walked us to the school and taught us all how to write lll - pot hooks and our ABCs on slate boards.
Then she took us outside and dropped us off with Mrs Kendall to do the washing. First, we picked a piece of clothing and put it into a bucket of water. Then we used the washboard and soap. So what you do is …  put the soap on the board. Next, you pick up your clothing and scrub it on the washboard.
Soon, it was lunch, later we left. It was a fantastic day because we did exciting activities.
By Sienna

The Trip Day
On Wednesday Year Twos zipped off to Howick Historical Village.
First we made butter by mixing cream and salt. We sang a rhyme about butter. At last the butter was made! We were all very excited.
Next we walked to ‘Unpack the trunk’.  We found lots of things.
We walked to the olden day’s school. It was really strict but the lady was just teaching us what it was like in the olden days!
Next, we did the washing. It was exciting. Then we roamed around the old village. After that, we waited for the bus. It was so busy! Have you ever been there?
By Aaron

 On Wednesday, the 1 of November I raced to school because we were going to the Howick Historical Village. We hopped on the bus and zoomed off.  First, we had morning tea.  Next, we did the washing. The washing was awesome. Then we went to make butter. We all said, “Come butter, come”.  Next, we ‘Unpacked the Trunk’.  There were a lot of things. Next, we went to the school where we got to write letters and words. Finally, it was lunch time. After that, we went with our parent to the lake where we had an amazing time. Did you know that’s how they collected water? It must have been yuck!  Then the bell rang, that meant that we had to go back on the bus. We chugged and we chugged back to school. We had an awesome time at the Howick Historical Village! I want to go again.
By Isabella

On the first of November, Wednesday we went to the Howick Historical Village.
First, we went to do the washing, that was hard work but we only had to do it for one time. In the olden days they had to do it for the whole day! It was the ladies job.
Next, we went to ‘Unpack the Trunk’. There were clothes and also tea cups and pots. Also the tent and daddy’s nightie.
After that, we went to the school. It was a very messy school and it was very strict. We wrote on slate boards.
After that, we went to make the butter. The ingredients are milk and salt. Mrs White told us how to make the butter. After that, they put the butter on the crackers and we all got a little bit.
Suddenly, they told us it was lunch time. I had a cheese bun and an apple and crackers.
Next, we got to choose where we wanted to go. First, we went to the school and we also went to a stick house. After that, we went to the toy house. In the toy house was a…..  marble run and a playhouse and that’s all. After that, we went to see the pond, it was very dirty. After that, we went on the see-saw.
Next, we went back to the bus. It was very loud. I sat next to Zimo. Then we were at school again, it was an amazing trip!
By Milana

Monday, 25 September 2017

Cassie's Fairytale

The Beautiful Princess

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess who loved playing by a lake. She went once again to the lake and this time she saw her best friend.
Suddenly, something separated them, it was something invisible. They tried to get together but they never saw each other again.
The princess landed in a rainforest. Her best friend landed by a very, very, very, very deep ocean. The two friends go up separately and they started walking.
The princess bumped into a tall, tall wall. She pressed her ear against the wall and she heard her friend. Quickly, she thought for a moment, the she saw a rope and swung it over the wall. Then, she felt a tug on the rope. Slowly, the rope lifted up and she saw her friend. She quickly jumped around and she and her friend lived happily ever after.

Author: Cassie

Zimo's Fairytale


Once there was a beautiful princess. One day she decided to have a walk. She hopped and she bopped ….  Finally, she came to a place that was as beautiful as her.
“Oh”, she said. There is a lake. I’ll go for a swim”. And she did! But when she came out she wasn’t at the place she was. The place she was at was called Dark Forest! She was shivering and she was scared and it was dark and spooky. She thought it must be night time. She saw some dark shadows and she run as fast as she could and hid behind a big rock, but ….   The shadows were coming closer. 
She closed her eyes but … the person was the King and his Knight.
The King said, “Come with me and I’ll take you back to the castle”.
The Princess said, “OK.” They went in the carriage and the Princess returned home to her kingdom and lived happily ever after.

Author: Zimo

 Room 22 have been writing imaginative stories, using Roll-A-Story to create a plan. The students rolled a dice to select three different aspects - character, setting and problem.  Then they wrote their very own tale, using descriptive language. They also had to find a solution to the problem.

One day a two-headed monster lived inside a hidden cave. Then a man came inside and he made a potion! Then the two-headed monster ..... DRANK IT!  He started to look wacky and he lost his memory!!!  The two-headed monster was shocked and he was a nice monster. The man did not apologise to the monster. he had made the potion on purpose and he was mischievous. All the time the monster said, "How dare you! You'll be vanished in a scary forest." The man said, "Ha! You can't vanish me in a scary forest." Then the monster replied, "I CAN!!!!  I am a magician and I can pull a rabbit out of a hat".  After that, the two-headed monster said, "Abrakadabra! I will teleport you to a scary forest. Alakazam! That's what you get HaHaHaHaHa." The the two-headed monster found a wizard. The wizard waved his wand and he brought his memory back!!! Then the monster said, "Thank you so much!" The wizard said, "You're welcome". After that the two-headed monster slept in his hidden cave happily ever after.

Author: Matthew